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Helping SaaS Companies 4X Lead Flow Without Having To Spend On Ads.

SaaS Marketing For 2024 = content creation AND promotion

Launch Club Pro

Content calendar

We find your audience and plan content weeks in advance.

Fixed monthly rate

No surprises here! Pay the same fixed price each month.

Fast delivery

Requests delivered one at a time in just a few days on schedule.

Top-notch quality

Human created and edited with your brand and intention in mind.

Flexible & scalable

Scale up or down as needed and pause or cancel at anytime.

Unique for you

All content is 100% yours to reuse how you see fit.

850+ Campaigns Launched

Let us take care of your content creation and promotion.
We are your secret weapon for marketing campaign succeed.


"So consistent you'll never need to go anywhere else for your content and promotion. Seriously."

Lead Magnet Creation

We've built lead magnets (quizzes, ebooks, reports, case studies, apps) for clients in the SaaS and other tech industries. Use our lead magnets to generate more traffic and conversions.

X.com and LinkedIn Ghostwriting service

Twitter & LinkedIn Ghostwriting + Boost

We strategize, write, schedule and publish your X(twitter) and LinkedIn posts weeks in advance. All you have to do is review and approve weekly.

X.com and LinkedIn Ghostwriting service

Reddit & Product Hunt Campaigns + Boost

Product Hunt and Reddit campaigns can be the biggest traffic sources for your SaaS business. We’ll help you create a great post and promote it You could see 10,000+ targeted visitors overnight.

X.com and LinkedIn Ghostwriting service

Social Posting + Boosting

We publish the content and boost it for you to beat the algorithms. Likes, shares and reposts matter and we have the team to get your posts seen and interacted. LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, StackOverflow, Quora and more.

X.com and LinkedIn Ghostwriting service

Audiogram & Video Production

We build audiograms (short clips of audio/video for retention) to explain and promote your product on your social profiles & with influencers.

X.com and LinkedIn Ghostwriting service

Product Launch Consultation

We can strategize and execute on the right communities, forums and podcasts to get you mentioned and get your product exposure.

X.com and LinkedIn Ghostwriting service

Client Testimonials

Hear about past client successes.


"Ken and his team helped Customers.AI's Website Identity Pixel get to #1 at Product Hunt which generated several thousand visitors to our site. They know all the best practices to help improve the chances of this happening for your product and i highly recommend them!"

Larry K.


"When we created marketing campaigns we hadn't put honest effort in promoting them. The Launch Club team's lead magnets have made our new marketing campaigns stickier and shareable. Big win guys thanks."

Ross M.

Head of Product

"When we launched on Product Hunt in the past we failed to crack the top 10. Ken and team has done the outreach we couldn't and they've been masterful."

Trevor T.

Marketing Manager

"We are a capital-rich startup with growth challenges. Your service has helped us get up and running within 2 weeks on X and LinkedIn more so than we could have done in 6 months. Looking forward to the lead magnet campaigns you help us with too."

Fitzgerald M.

Inbound Director

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Membership Packages

Choose a plan that's right for you.


  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Unlimited content creation

  • Unlimited votes/likes/shares

  • Full access to Launch Club

  • Promote 1 campaign at a time

  • Pause or cancel anytime


  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Unlimited content creation

  • Unlimited votes/likes/shares

  • Full access to Launch Club

  • Promote 1 campaign at a time

  • Save 15%

We're Excited To Speak With You

A couple of things:

  • Please be present and ready to go when the call starts. Time is short and we want to be sure we maximize that time.

  • Be ready to show your product and talk about your goals.

  • Feel free to invite anyone else that might contribute.

  • If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule please use the link in the email confirmation.

  • We provide a service that creates content and promotes your product on platforms like Product Hunt, Reddit, X, LinkedIn, Quora, Hacker News and others. We do not offer SEO, paid advertising or website development.

  • THANK YOU: We value your business and we'll do everything we can to increase your traffic and sales with our 10+ years of SaaS marketing and promotion experience.

Let's Get This Started!!

A couple of things:

  • Check your email for the collaboration doc link. There is where you can continue with the PH submission post and I'll give suggestions and feedback as we progress.

  • Be sure to work on the images for your submission ASAP. Visually showing how cool your product is as important as the words.

  • Comments can make or break your launch day. I'd suggest to write out 20-30 comments on a spreadsheet that might be the type of questions and feedback existing users of your product might ask.

    Then distribute them to everyone and anyone you know. "Hey we're launching on Product Hunt and we'd love your support. Could we count on your for a vote and a comment like this... <add a unique comment here>"

  • Be 100% sure you are not giving out duplicate comments to people. That would look VERY odd and risk getting your moderated or banned.


We started Launch Club to provide a promotional service for ourselves first. Eventually we added clients and have grown to where we are today.

The social and promotional websites out there were getting more sophisticated with their ranking algorithms and we needed a way to fight back against the ads they were pushing rather than diminishing organic traffic we were seeing.

We grew our outreach list from 50 friends off a spreadsheet to now over 4500 people who are gig economy workers that help us promote our clients' work everyday.


How does the same agency CREATE and PROMOTE content?

We've been running the same content creation and promotion strategy for our own projects for 4 years now. We've promoted CookieJar.co, KenSavage.com and dozens of SaaS sites just like your's.When we decided to offer this as a Pro version of Launch Club we made it pretty exclusive and really focused in on our processes with content creation and seamlessly promote that content as soon as possible.We believe the the real work starts AFTER you press publish.

What guarantees can you provide us on our launch?

We do everything we can to be sure that you have a successful campaign with the content we've created and/or the campaigns that we are promoting for you. Whether that's a simple LinkedIn post like or as as complex as a Product Hunt launch.We don't control the platforms we just play in them just like you but with 1000's of our friends to help out.

What do you need from me to be successful?

It's pretty simple... once you subscribe with either the monthly or quarterly option you'll be able to provide a bit of info that will create a collaboration dashboard for both of us to work in.From there you can submit unlimited tasks that you want us to work on. Typical turn around time is 48 hours.

How many votes/likes/shares/reposts can I expect?

Short answers: it depends 🤣Real answer: we push enough of our team through outreach to activate the algorithms on these platforms. At that point where they start to open up and deliver more views of your posts. Sometimes it's dozens, 100's or 1000's. Whatever it takes to get noticed.

How long will you promote our thing?

Platforms like ProductHunt, Reddit, LinkedIn typically have a shelf life of 24 hours. We usually front-load our promotions and boosts in the beginning to get you noticed quickly but natural enough to not raise suspicion.

Can I get a discount?

Not typically.These are our most competitive rates. We're looking to create a working relationship with you and not a money grab. If we can show you long term value with lots of traffic and conversions then we hope our relationship continues.We want to prove how successful this could be for you rather than make promises.And of course you can cancel or pause you subscription any time.

Terms and Conditions

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